Gabriele Edlbauer

Banish the Sandwich Winning the Inning

sculptures and installations
mixed media 2013-14


gantry crane and tea-cart

donut crane

Je t´embrasse
water dispenser and vending machines

Herbert, Hubert und Alibert auf dem Weg nach AbuGabi
3 overeager rubbish bins

1.-3. Inning
rugby goals and balls

Running Susi
sandwich costume

Brad ´s dead, baby
6 directors’ chairs BRAD with cart

Reverse Bowling Pins Reherse Patrolling Twins Work the Mat
shelf with pompoms and ice hockey pucks

2 Go (Cross Country Remix)
2 drums on carts

Take Away (Ibiza Edition)
Donut cart with 4 donuts

Installationsansicht / installation shot OÖ Kulturquartier Linz / OK Offenes Kulturhaus